Monday, September 3, 2012

why wont my

Kindle pictures on my blog ..I cant sit at the computer for very long and get so frustrated as my back wont hold out long enough.and I can use the kindle lying down not my computer /laptop Neck. Jeez I want an ipad


  1. Sorry to hear that Mel. I still have not found a way to find out when people post on Blogger. Much to learn! Sending healing thoughts and love.

  2. Thanks Ien!! Right back at you!! This whole thing is driving me crazy!! I don't have that many friends on multiply to begin with but would like to be notified of when they post. Mostly picture perfect people they are here on blogger but so far I am not that impressed. I have checked out so many sites that I cant keep track. I don't want to lose six yrs of blogging wish I had been cross blogging here the whole time